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Reflexcell Technology – Insulation That Matters

Technology Information

Standard single layer emergency blankets or space blankets are useful for temporary warmth for short periods in mild weather, such as after a marathon. For instances beyond that, they can be inefficient, making the individual susceptible to hypothermia.

The Blizzard brand of products overcomes the inefficiency of standard single layer space blankets with its Reflexcell Technology. A three tiered, honeycomb design traps air and generates insulation and warmth equivalent to a medium weight sleeping bag. Interwoven elastic in the design enables the material to hug the body, preventing cold air from coming in contact with the body.

The Blizzard brand of products have undergone military testing trials and are the product of choice for hypothermia prevention and management by the US Army, US Special Forces, US Navy, US Air Force, British Royal Air Force, and international search and rescue teams.


The Blizzard brand and its exclusive Reflexcell Technology have become the new standard in thermal protection for the military, emergency preparedness, law enforcement, outdoor sports, casualty care, disaster relief, medical treatment, and more. This radical new technology provides maximum warmth, reduces symptoms/signs of shock, and guards against the risk of hypothermia in the most compact of packages.